Bring Augmented Reality to the Party

Play Portal is the most advanced AR kiosk on the market. We have combined all the best features of your favorite social media platforms and created a fully customizable, all-in-one solution for your next party or event. Say goodbye to that old photo booth and hello to Play Portal!

Why Play Portal?

  • Videos, Not Photos – Play Portal delivers 15-30-second-long immersive videos instead of just standard photos
  • Face Filters & Masks – include a face filter or virtual mask to an experience to add another level of fun and interactivity to your experience
  • Custom Experiences – Work with our design team to create an experience that best fits your party or event. This includes custom menu screens, animated wallpaper, filters, and more. Play Portal can also be built into existing displays and sets.


Your brand or sponsor’s logo can be included in every video that is created and shared through Play Portal. Additionally, branding can be worked into an experience as part of the fun! Since these experiences are all shareable, brands will benefit from every shared video online.

Audience Engagement

Play Portal’s huge 75” HD screen will attract all your guests to want to take part in the fun! The uniqueness of each experience will be something your guests have never seen before and won’t want to miss out on! Deliver a virtual meet and greet experience that will allow fans to take home a selfie video of themselves with their favorite celebrity, athlete, musician or character and create conversation both in-person and online. Or, fully immerse them in a digital world. Go snorkeling deep in the ocean, visit Santa’s workshop with the elves for Christmas, or become a character in your favorite video game. We will work with you to find the experience that doesn't only deliver an engaging and entertaining experience, but one that will track valuable analytics and ultimately drive more business and brand awareness.

Shareable Content

Play Portal creates 15-30 second, fully shareable videos that are emailed directly to your guest. Your brand or sponsor can be seamlessly weaved into these videos through a simple watermark or through the inclusion of virtual product in the experience. All email language is customized for your brand or event and all e-mail addresses collected can be provided to you for follow up and future messaging.

We Create Custom Experiences

Our team of designers and creators will work with you to create a fully customizable experience for your event. We will work with your existing elements or create brand new elements. Taking your event on the road? We can create experiences with custom dates and locations for each stop. We offer short- and long-term rentals and Play Portal can provide a single experience or provide guests with multiple experiences. We want to make your Play Portal experience something that your guests have never seen before but will want to see again and again. Play Portal also has the ability to take payment if you are looking for a way to charge your guests for the experience to drive additional revenue.

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Get in Touch

Send us a note using the form below and one of our sales representatives will reach out right away or email us directly at or contact Re Brazzell at 415-505-4881 or Joseph Bernard at 480-682-8807.

We look forward to working with you to create the perfect Play Portal experience for your brand.

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